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Sometimes your finances may not be in order, or for any reason, you are not ready to have the order ship or pickup.

The Buy Now and Pay Later plan allows reserving the selected HVAC equipment at the current price if you want to order now and like to protect against future price increases.

Only put in a deposit to secure the order instead of paying the total amount in advance. We will buy and store the ordered items for up to ninety days to pick up after the full payment.    


How it Works 

Enjoy the Buy Now and Pay Later by installment in the following steps:  

1- Finalize the order.  

2- Pay the deposit to reserve your order.  

3- Setup the installment balance payment for up to three months to pay weekly, biweekly or monthly.  

4- Pick up the ordered items after the full balance payment.    


Flexible Payment - No Credit Check - No Interest - 3% Admin and Stocking fee will apply.   

Please visit Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.  


This plan does not apply to special orders. 

Special orders consider as an item/items not usually available in manufacture or supplier stock and will make or supply base on customer request.