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HVAC equipment such as Furnaces, Fireplaces and Air Conditioners should install by a person who has the proper expertise and certification to perform. Additionally, having a licensed and certified installer does the work will help ensure trouble-free operation.

All equipment comes with a standard manufacture warranty if properly installed by a certified and experienced installer.  

Many initial problems are the result of improper adjustment or wiring and must initially address by the installer. Licensed heating/cooling technicians are certified to diagnose and repair any brand of equipment.

If a repair is required, contact a local air conditioning & heating professional to diagnose the problem. All parts are covered under the manufacturer's warranty and are available for replacement free of charge with the exchange while the manufacture warranty period does not expire. Most local air conditioning & heating professionals can obtain the replacement part free of charge if the manufacture warranty period is still valid or at cost if the warranty period does expire through a nationwide parts distribution network. If the required part/parts are not available in your area and to claim for the warranty, have an HVAC technician diagnose the failure and identify the specific part/parts that have failed. This diagnosis must outline on the service ticket or company letterhead and a copy submitted with the returned defective part/parts. Failure to submit this diagnosis will result in the denial of any warranty claim from manufacturers. We will promptly provide a replacement free of charge for you while the manufacture warranty period does not expire. In that case, you will charge just for shipping and handling costs. Replacement parts/parts are available at cost if the warranty period has expired. 

The manufacturer's warranties do not include labour costs and are not covered by us too. 

The replacement part/parts DOSE NOT intended to be installed by anyone without the proper expertise, background, and certification. Have a certified professional to replace the part/parts. The customer will accept all risks for installation, replacement and part/parts selection.  We will not be liable for any damages, consequential or inconsequential, resulting from the installation or operation of equipment.