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Order & Purchase


Before placing the order

Make sure the selected HVAC equipment meets the job requirements. 

We highly recommended reviewing the provided specification and installation manual and consulting with a certified installer to choose the right type and size of equipment. Also, we would be happy to assist with any technical or application questions.  

HVAC equipment such as Furnaces, Fireplaces, Air Conditioners; has to install by a person who has the proper expertise, experience, license certification and tool to do so. Additionally, having a licensed and certified installer does the work will help ensure years of trouble-free operation.  

We sincerely do not like charging a restocking fee for the cancelled order. When you place the order creates substantial expenses to make it ready for pick up or ship, those expenses have to cover on the cancelled order.

Refer to Policies before placing the order.    

Order & Purchase

Ask for a quote after selecting the HVAC equipment that can meet the job requirement by providing the requested information on the product page. We will send the best and competitive detail quotation.  

After reviewing the quotation and finalize it, you may place the order by providing the following information:  

List of required item/items

Shipping or local pickup

Contact phone number  


For your convenience following payment methods are available:          

Credit Card (Visa, Master Card)

Email Transfer (INTERAC)



PayPal enables to pay without sharing financial information and by major credit card or bank payments online safe, easy and secure.    

Call us at 1-866-242-3033 / (416) 854-3929 or if willing to arrange the payment by any above payment options.      

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