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At Tradeia, customer satisfaction is the goal. To meet this goal, we have established the following policies that will help us serve you better.  


If you have placed an order and cancel it before equipment being picked up or shipped, we will refund the purchase price without any deduction for the stocked items and less a 25% processing/restocking fee for the non-stocked items in the same payment method. No cancellation will accept for the special orders. Special orders consider as an item/items not usually available in manufacture or supplier stock and will make or supply base on customer request.  

Return and Refunds:

Please visit Refund & Return for more information.  

Order Fulfillment:

Incorrect or shortage of shipped order must report within three business days of the receipt of the shipment.   

Shipping Claims:

Claims resulting from shipping damage will be the responsibility of us to resolve with the carrier while you purchased the insurance for the shipping. Shipping insurance is available to buy at 3% of the order amount. Tradeia has no responsibility for shipping damage on uninsured shipments. Please visit Shipping & Pick up for more information.  


The HVAC equipment must not install by anyone without the proper expertise, experience, and certification. Always have a certified professional install the HVAC equipment regarding the region govern installation procedures and following applicable local code requirements.  Tradeia will not be liable for damages, consequential or inconsequential, resulting from the installation or operation of equipment. Customers will accept all risks for both installation and equipment selection. We strongly encourage customers to consult with a local HVAC technician to choose the right and proper equipment before ordering.  


HVAC equipment comes with a standard manufactures warranty for parts if properly installed by a certified and experienced installer. Contact your local HVAC professional for maintenance and repair. They can obtain the replacement part free of charge if required while the manufacture warranty period is not expired.  If necessary, Tradeia will provide the replacement part free of charge while the manufacture warranty period does not expire and only if replaced by a certified HVAC technician.   The customer will accept all risks for both installation and replacement part/parts selection. Shipping and handling fees will apply. Please visit Warranty for more information.   

Equipment Selection:

We do not guarantee or accept responsibility for the merchantability or fitness of the equipment for any particular application. Any suggestions provided by us concerning system type and size selection are subject to an on-site inspection by a knowledgeable professional to confirm suitability and fitness for your particular project.