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Installation of HVAC equipment takes experience, requires certificates and tools to ensure safe and proper functioning. Purchaser assumes full responsibility for the safe and correct installation following applicable local code requirements.  

The HVAC equipment should not install by anyone without the proper expertise, experience, and certification. Always have a certified professional install the HVAC equipment regarding the region govern installation procedures and following applicable local code requirements. 

We will not be liable for damages, consequential or inconsequential, resulting from the installation or operation of equipment.  

HVAC equipment such as Furnaces, Fireplaces, Air Conditioners; has to install by a person who has the proper expertise, experience, license certification and tool to do so. Additionally, having a licensed and certified installer does the work will help ensure years of trouble-free operation.  

The equipment manual must be read and followed up by the licensed installer exactly.  Product literature includes the Brochure, Specification, and Installation Manual available on the manufactures and our website to review and learn more before order or purchase.

Failure to do so may result in fire or explosion cause property damage, personal injury or death.

Customers will accept all risks for both installation and equipment selection.  

Installers are certified in various disciplines related to HVAC equipment regardless to brand. It may be helpful for the installer to know the brand. However, experienced installers pride themselves on how to install all brands.  

We are an HVAC equipment supplier only, have no involvement in the equipment installation and takes no responsibility for any issues related to the equipment installation. 

All HVAC equipment comes with a standard manufacturer warranty if properly installed by a certified and experienced installer.  

We may be able to refer certified installers in some areas upon request. That is just a referral and, we do not have any responsibility for installation and installer performance.    

Important Notice: Customers acknowledge that the law prohibits opening the refrigeration lines of any equipment purchase. A properly licensed person must handle the refrigerant contained in any unit/system. Customers assume full responsibility for the safe and proper installation per applicable local code requirements.